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The Best Methods for Learning English

Learning English can open up a world of opportunities for your kids and teens. Whether they want to pursue higher education abroad, connect with the wider online world, or simply enjoy their favorite movies and music, a strong command of the language is a valuable asset. However, traditional classroom learning can sometimes feel dull.

How can you make learning English effective?

We have already announced the dates for our 2024 English camps in Portugal and Hungary, but if you want to work on your English during the rest of the year, we recommend the following methods.

Listen to English songs: Music is a powerful learning tool. Encourage your kids and teens to listen to their favorite English songs and pay attention to the lyrics. It helps a lot with articulation and pronunciation, in addition to vocabulary!

Watch movies and series: Choose age-appropriate movies or shows in English and watch them with English subtitles. This can be difficult at first, but in many countries where there is no dubbing (e.g. Sweden, Holland or even Portugal) people learn English by themselves!

YouTube and Podcasts: There are a huge number of YouTube channels and Podcasts available for all ages and interests. Choose channels that have clear sound and visuals. You can learn a lot from each video, effortlessly.

Video games: Many popular video games are available in English. Encourage your kids and teens to switch the language settings and explore the world of games while learning new words.

Real-world interactions: Traveling is the best way for everyone to realize that English is the language that connects us all. While traveling, our English skills are put to the real test. Whether it's checking in at the airport, talking to locals, or even ordering at a restaurant, knowing English makes it easier to communicate and navigate in a foreign environment.

Learning should be easy, enjoyable and stress-free! Focus on activities that they can genuinely enjoy!

Learning how to read in English, using a fun, colorful app made for small children

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